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When most people think about addiction to drugs or alcohol, they do so with some inaccuracies in mind. They think of an addiction as something that the addict can control. However, the reality is that an addiction is a disease just like any other physical addiction or condition. And when you have any kind of disease, you need to seek out treatment to overcome and manage it. The good news is that we offer services that can help you find an addiction treatment center to overcome your addiction. Our referral service connects you to New Canaan Drug Rehab Centers which can narrow down your search to the right treatment center for your addiction and needs.

Life is difficult for anyone and everyone that develops a drug or alcohol addiction. The substances that you abuse have a strong influence on your body and your mind, and you cannot trust yourself or your instincts because of that strong influence exerted over you. That is why you need all of the help you can get at overcoming your addiction. The referral services that we offer are the helping hand that you need to get through the addiction treatment and recovery process.

Our referral services are designed to help you use the assistance of an addiction treatment advisor to find the ideal drug rehab in New Canaan or anywhere in the country to help you recover from your addiction. We are a team of high-quality advisors that will work with you to find you the right recovery environment for you.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in New Canaan

New Canaan Drug Rehab Centers Can Help You

When you seek our assistance, you will have the opportunity to speak with an addiction treatment advisor for an initial assessment of your situation. While an initial assessment may seem like a difficult ordeal, it actually is not at all. This assessment is just about learning more about you and your addiction.

The addiction treatment advisor will ask you about yourself, your addiction (duration, drug or drugs addicted to, etc...), your insurance coverage, and any responsibilities that you may need to attend to at work and home (i.e. children to care for, pets, work schedules, etc...). All of this information will help the addiction advisor provide you with the best possible services and give you access to the best, finding you the treatment center that matches your needs the most.

However, our services do not end there. The assessment and selection of an addiction treatment center are just a part of the process. You will also get the benefit of assistance through the admissions process at your selected treatment center.

Getting into an addiction treatment in New Canaan can be scary to take on all by yourself. But with our advisory services, you do not have to do so. You can simply allow us to deal with admissions for you so you can focus all of your time and attention on getting well.

About New Canaan, Connecticut

The town of New Canaan, Connecticut has just shy of 20,000 residents and is situated in Fairfield County. This lovely town has an ideal location, being within an hour of New Haven, Greenwich, and even New York City.

Historically, New Canaan was originally founded as a religious parish known as Canaan. The area was settled and designated a religious parish in 1731. The town of New Canaan was later formed and became official in 1801. The early history of New Canaan led to some city planning abnormalities including a lack of a city center or town square.


Over the years, New Canaan transitioned from an agricultural community to a manufacturing one, and then became a haven for wealthy New Yorkers looking for a place to get out of the city. All of this storied and varied history makes it a unique community and a city with interesting architecture. From the colonial style homes to the more modern architecture in the city, you can walk the streets and simply marvel at the beauty found in the buildings and the history.

No matter how lost you feel about your addiction and substance abuse issues, there is always hope for you. New Canaan Drug Rehab Centers can help you recover from your addiction to drugs and alcohol. Just make the call and you will be one step closer to recovery. (877) 804-1531

Upcoming New Canaan AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA Sober Start Thu, 6:30 AM St. Boniface School 145 Glen Ave, Sea Cliff, NY 11579
NA Trinity Church Tue, 7:30 PM Never Alone Group Non-Smoking, Beginner/Newcomer, Discussion/Participation 130 Main Street, Northport, NY 11768
AA Men's Meeting Fri, 7:00 AM St Paul's Lutheran Church Greenwich CT, Belle Haven, CT 06830
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